a lot of very overdue interest icons.

 Back in 2009 when this community celebrated 2100 members we had a huge interest icons post with (almost) all makers participating. Due to a bit of a mix up, these were never posted/not all finished. I decided to post what we got anyway, that's the least we can do. Sorry!
Note: These icons were made like a year/year and a half ago.



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I'm sorry to be doing this but it's time I left the community. I'm rarely on lj these days and I don't often have the time/inspiration to make icons any more. Fellow posters, thankyou so much for this opportunity ♥. Other members, thanks for all the support. It's been great to be a maker here and I'm definitely going to miss it.

If I do ever post icons again they will be at my personal comm, jellybeaned. You can also find me on tumblr. Thanks again! ♥